Moto Liberty, US distributor for RS Taichi products, is located in Dallas, TX where owner Audrey Menarik has been a top retailer of motorcycle gear and apparel for over twenty years. Prior to that, Audrey gained much of her experience and reputation in the industry trackside with Moto Liberty’s co-developed and highly reputable road racing team in the 1990’s.

Combining years of road racing experience, and owning and operating a successful and growing retail business, caught the attention of RS Taichi Japan. After building a strong and loyal bond with RS Taichi Japan, Audrey partnered with the famous Japanese brand to help bring their high-end street and road racing apparel company back to the United States and formed the RS Taichi Group, USA. This partnership has grown to include substantial Taichi inventory in the US warehouse location, dedicated staff to support the Taichi brand and growing dealer network, and support via racer sponsorships and advertising for Taichi's brand. 

RS TAICHI has been developing racing leather suits and apparel for over 35 years, with the head office based in Osaka, Japan. Their number 1 priority is to provide the safest, most comfortable and absolutely best quality products to our customers. They use the highest quality leather and state of art materials to ensure your protection requirements are satisfied.  Taichi's comprehensive line spans from affordable entry level street products, to premium professional level race equipment.