Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Taichi offers a wide range of jackets, pants, gloves, and accessories for all weather conditions, Check out the complete Spring/Summer 2015 Collection HERE: SS15


Taichi offers extremely innovative footwear with outstanding style and function.  Built for comfort as well as safety, these pieces are shoes that you will want to wear on and off the bike.  Check out the complete line HERE: FOOTWEAR

Racing Apparel

Taichi is truly a legend on track.  From the highest levels of international motorcycle racing, to your local track day, Taichi has you covered from suits, to gloves, to professional racing accessories. Check out the complete line HERE: RACING

Leather Apparel

Nothing compares to Taichi leather apparel.  This is where Taichi gets its stellar reputation.  From affordable, everyday street jackets, to highly technical jacket+pant combos that are just as at home on the racetrack, Taichi leather garments are truly exceptional in terms of quality, funtion, and style.  Check out the complete line HERE: LEATHER


Taichi offers several rainsuit models and products specifically for wet weather.  In the US we primarily get the RSRR01 Rain Buster in the rainsuit category, but check out the complete line and ask your local Taichi retailer if there is something you want. Check out the complete line HERE: RAINGEAR


Taichi makes some of the best apparel in the motorcycle industry.  But the innovation doesn't stop at wearables.  The function first mindset carries over to a complete line of highly engineered touring luggage and personal bags. (note: EL equipped products are not available in the US) Check out the complete line HERE: LUGGAGE

Armor and Protection

Taichi takes protection very seriously.  From back protectors to body armor, Taichi has lots of options for the safety conscious rider.  And they are an industry leader in chest protection. Check out the complete line HERE: PROTECTION

Cool Ride

Taichi's Cool Ride series of baselayers and undergarments are the cream of the crop when it comes to high evaporative, high wicking under riding gear use.  They make sliding in and out of your track leathers or street jacket MUCH EASIER.  They are rider cut, extremely comfortable and look awesome!  Check out the complete line HERE: COOL RIDE